Enjoy crisp and clear online meetings via our cloud based video collaboration solution that keeps your team connected and your business moving. Hold face-to-face meetings, webinars, screen sharing and chat simultaneously from multiple locations via multiple devices and/or conference room systems.

Creating a conference is so simple...

1. Create Your ipNX-TP Account

Create a free ipNX-TP account to manage your subscriptions i.e. buy Video Conferencing time, schedule your meetings and invite other people to them e.t.c. Click on SIGN UP to get started.

2. Make Payment

Make payment online via Webpay or PayPal from your ipNX-TP account. You can also walk into any of our office locations to make payment by cash or POS..

You can decide to buy “Pay-Per-Use”, “Meeting Room” service plans or the combination of both. Click on PLANS & PRICING to find out how much payment you should make.

3. Download The ipNX-TP Application

Download and install the ipNX-TP desktop client or mobile app (whichever is applicable) to host all your online meetings. Click on DOWNLOAD IPNX-TP APP on the Home Page to get the appropriate version for your device. Once you are through, you don’t have to repeat the action everytime you want to have a meeting.

4. Schedule Meeting & Invite Other People

From your ipNX-TP Account, click on Schedule a Meeting to schedule a meeting and get an instant Meeting ID for it. Invite other people to attend your meetings by sending them the Meeting ID via E-mail, SMS, Instant Messenging e.t.c

5. Hold Meetings

No sign-up is required for people to attend meetings on ipNX-TP. Simply launch the ipNX-TP desktop client or mobile app and enter a valid Meeting ID to join a meeting.

If you are a meeting host, you are required to enter your Moderator Code (which will be sent to you) before the meeting can start.

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Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways