Multi-Party Meetings

You can hold online meetings with two or more persons anywhere at any time via the Internet with unlimited room capacity. This makes ipNX-TP the perfect fit for global teams, trainings, sales calls, and HR interviews.

Scalable Cloud Service

ipNX-TP runs completely in the cloud with Firewall/NAT traversal and encrypted meetings. There is no need to buy and manage hardware or software. It’s easy to setup meetings and invite attendees to join from anywhere via the Internet.

Integrated Video, Voice, Instant Messaging, and Presence

ipNX TP integrates HD Video, Voice, Public and Private Messaging that allow you participate completely in your meetings. You also know who is in the meeting with the Presence feature.

Multi-Device Interoperability

There is simultaneous support for multiple devices (i.e. Board room systems, desktops/laptops, tablets and phones (Android and IOS). So, you can easily collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners on different platforms.

Meeting Room Branding

Extend the reach of your brand by customizing your meeting room background with your corporate logo.

Multiple Camera Support

Multiple cameras are supported for large meeting rooms.

Meeting Recording

Meeting Recording is included in all ipNX-TP plans. You can now attend meetings with the ease of mind of being able to play back at your convenience.

Audio Bridge Integration

When joining a video meeting is not possible, you can call-in from your mobile phone. IpNX-TP is completely integrated with the PSTN to connect you to the meeting via an audio bridge.

Fully Self-service

ipNX-TP is enterprise ready. Meeting administrators have access to the online console to manage their service plans, with interactive dashboards, current meeting data, and historical reports anytime.

Customer Support

ipNX-TP plans automatically entitle customers to standard support which includes phones and email support 24x7.

Our customer-friendly service plans are designed to be both flexible and cost effective giving you a rich meeting experience without breaking the bank.

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