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1. Product Definition

ipNX TelePresence (IPNX-TP) is the Video Collaboration cloud-based solution from ipNX Nigeria Limited that enables people to hold online face-to-face meetings & webinars, share their screens and chat simultaneously from anywhere on different devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptop & desktop computers, and standard video conferencing room systems.

ipNX TelePresence is designed to eliminate the need for advance purchase of expensive proprietary hardware by users. So, with only your device, you are ready to hold your meetings.

ipNX TelePresence has 2 product types:

1.    Pay-Per-Use:

This is a budget-friendly pre-paid product for people that just want to have meetings pronto. Here, customers do not have to commit to a fixed number of hours of video conferencing on a regular basis. Rather, they can simply book for the number of hours that they want, make payment and have access to a virtual meeting room for use.

2.    Meeting Room:

This is a subscription-based product that enables people in different locations to have face-to-face meeting online in a virtual meeting room that are branded with their organization’s logo and name. Here, customers are required to commit to a fixed video conferencing meeting time on a monthly basis i.e. specified number of hours, on a regular basis by choosing from an array of service plans available.

2. Product Features

1.    Multi-Party Meetings

You can hold online meetings with two or more persons anywhere at any time via the Internet with unlimited room capacity. This makes ipNX-TP the perfect fit for global teams, trainings, sales calls, and HR interviews.

2.    Scalable Cloud Service

ipNX-TP runs completely in the cloud with Firewall/NAT traversal and encrypted meetings. There is no need to buy and manage hardware or software. It’s easy to setup meetings and invite attendees to join from anywhere via the Internet.

3.    Integrated Video, Voice, Instant Messaging, and Presence

ipNX-TP integrates HD Video, Voice, Public and Private Messaging that allow you participate completely in your meetings. You also know who is in the meeting with the Presence feature.

4.    Multi-Device Interoperability

There is simultaneous support for multiple devices (i.e. Board room systems, desktops/laptops, tablets and phones (Android and IOS). So, you can easily collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners on different platforms.

5.    Meeting Room Branding

Extend the reach of your brand by customizing your meeting room background with your corporate logo.

6.    Multiple Camera Support

Multiple cameras are supported for large meeting rooms.

7.    Meeting Recording

Meeting Recording is included in all ipNX-TP plans. You can now attend meetings with the ease of mind of being able to play them back at your convenience.

8.    Audio Bridge Integration

When joining a video meeting is not possible, you can call-in from your mobile phone. IpNX-TP is completely integrated with the PSTN to connect you to the meeting via an audio bridge.

9.    Fully Self-service

ipNX-TP is enterprise ready. Meeting administrators have access to the online console to manage their service plans, with interactive dashboards, current meeting data, and historical reports anytime.

10.    Customer Support

ipNX-TP plans automatically entitle customers to standard support which includes phones and E-mail support 24x7.

Our customer-friendly service plans are designed to be both flexible and cost effective, giving you a rich meeting experience without breaking the bank.

3. Software & Hardware Requirements

Yes. You need to download and install a desktop client or mobile app (whichever is applicable) in order to use ipNX TelePresence. Visit: https://www.ipnxtp.net and click on DOWNLOAD IPNX-TP APP.

ipNX TelePresence can support Mac, Linux and Windows compatible computers; Android and IOS tablets and phones; and video conferencing rooms running H.323, SIP or Cisco’s TIP TelePresence.

Yes. However, you should realize that streaming multiple videos to your device is a bandwidth intensive application. You will see a dramatic increase in quality when you connect your computer directly to the Internet with a physical cable. This is particularly true if you have multiple meeting participants connecting through the same WiFi access point.

ipNX TelePresence support H.323 and SIP. Users with these end point systems can either dial into a ipNX TelePresence meeting or the participants in the ipNX TelePresence meeting can dial out to H.323 or SIP end points.

4. Service Plans

To view your current service plan details, log into your Self-Service Portal account. By default, all the services you are currently subscribed to, will be presented to you as a whole.

See service plans as follows:


Service Plan: Pay-Per-Use
Price per Participant per Hour: N 1,500.00

Meeting Room


Service Plan: Meeting Room 5
Number of End Points: 5
Duration (Hours): 40
Package Price: N 25,000.00


Service Plan: Meeting Room 10
Number of End Points: 10
Duration (Hours): 40
Package Price: N 45,000.00


Service Plan: Meeting Room 20
Number of End Points: 20
Duration (Hours): 40
Package Price: N 80,000.00

5. Account Creation

Yes. Just a simple account sign-up on https://www.ipnxtp.net is all you need to buy Video Conferencing time, schedule your meetings and invite other people to them. As soon as you sign-up, a Self-Service Portal account will be created for you to manage your subscriptions. You can decide to buy “Pay-Per-Use”, “Meeting Room” service plans or a combination of both.

No. People do not need to register before they can attend ipNX TelePresence meetings. All they need to do is to enter the Meeting Code for the meeting (which should be sent to them) on the IPNX-TP desktop client or mobile app and click on Attend.

6. Getting Ready For A Meeting

Log into your Self-Service Portal account. If you have bought a service plan before, click on Host Meetings on any meeting title that you want and click on Want to create a new Meeting? Next, fill the form that appears on the screen and click on Save. As soon as this is completed, the system generates a Meeting Code that you and your attendees can use to access your meeting. This is displayed at the top of the screen. Also, it is sent to the E-mail address of the meeting host. The Meeting Code should be sent to all attendees, which they can use to access the meeting.

You can invite other people to attend your meeting by sending them the details of the meeting such as: Purpose, Time, Duration and Meeting Code, using whatever means you like e.g. E-mail, SMS, Instant Messenging e.t.c. Your attendees will enter the Meeting Code on the IPNX-TP desktop client or mobile app before they can be granted access to join the meeting.

Meetings cannot take place until you (the host) start them from your Self-Service Portal account. To do this, you are to select the particular meeting you wish to start and click on Start. As soon as this is done, the system automatically enables the meeting to commence. Thereafter, all attendees who enter the correct Meeting Code on their IPNX-TP desktop client or mobile app will be able to join the meeting.

If you have bought any of the Meeting Room service plans, you will be able to customize your Meeting Room with your corporate logo. To achieve this, log into your account and click on Personalize Room on any “Meeting Room” title that you want. Fill the form that appears on the screen and click on Browse… to choose and upload an image from your device. Next, select a desired image and click on Open. When you are done, click on Save.

7. During A Meeting

Simply enter the Meeting Code that you generated when scheduling a meeting or that was sent to you by a meeting host, on your IPNX-TP desktop client or mobile app. Then, click on Attend to join the meeting.

If the connected camera has an inbuilt mic, the system can use the mic. Click the drop down arrow on the Mic option and then select the Scan device option. The plugged-in camera will appear as an audio device which can now be selected by you.

If you are getting a still image frame, you can disable it. Navigate to the camera option and enable either Webcam or USB attached camera (whichever you want).

Navigate to the audio output option, rescan devices and select a choice device from the available options.

Navigate to the audio input option, rescan devices and select a choice device from the available options.

Once an attendee joins an online meeting, the camera and microphone are enabled by default. To disable or enable either the camera or the microphone, each of their icons on the menu bar can be checked to enable or unchecked to disable it.

The connection to the device hosting the ipNX TelePresence application should be wired rather than wireless. Plug in an Internet cable to it.

Yes. When a meeting does not last for as long as it is scheduled, the balance is returned to your wallet to be used later.

Click on the Menu icon and select the Exit option to end a meeting.

Plug a USB camera on the USB port of your device. Click the drop down arrow on the camera option and then click on Rescan. The camera will be detected automatically. The frame rate, allocated bandwidth and camera resolution can be adjusted by moving the corresponding slider or drop down arrow accordingly.

This means your Internet bandwidth is very low. As such, the application shuts down the video feed in order to maintain the session.

Yes. This can be achieved by clicking the cascaded video icon on the video tile to enlarge the video frame.

Plug both cameras on the USB port of your device. Then navigate to the camera option on the menu bar to rescan and select the two cameras to use.

Click on Start Desk Share icon on the menu bar to share your screen. As soon as this is done, the system will automatically transmit the contents of the screen for all participants to see.

Attendees can collaborate during meetings through text chats. Click on the Show Participant icon on the menu bar, select a particular participant on the participant list and type a text chat for the participant at the base of the screen.

8. Billing

The price you pay for IPNX-TP is based on which service plan you are subscribing to. More details on pricing are available on https://www.ipnxtp.net. Also see the FAQ on Service Plans above.

Log into your Self-Service Portal account, click on Add Your Billing Profile, fill the online form that appears on the screen and click on Save. To update your billing details, click on Edit Billing Profile on Manage Service Accounts page, edit the billing profile form and click on Save.

We do NOT issue refunds for the use of ipNX TelePresence.

Visit https://www.ipnxtp.net to make payment online via Webpay and PayPal from your Self-Service Portal account or walk into any of our office locations to make payment by cash or POS.

9. Service Renewal

If the fund in any of your IPNX-TP service plans expires, you will not be able to run meetings going forward. To renew it, click on Fund Account on any meeting title that you want, specify the amount you want to pay and make payment. As soon as your payment is received, service will be automatically restored to you. 

10. Contact Details

You can reach us through any of the following channels:

Tel: 01-6280025
E-mail: ipnxtp@ipnxnigeria.net
Website: https://www.ipnxtp.net